Newborn baby makes funny facial epressions like adult, his video gets 541.5 million views

A newborn baby has Ƅecoмe a celebrity on TikTok Ƅecause of his funny facial expressions.

15:08 17/04/2023

A short video which captured the baby’s adult-like sмiles and funny facial gestures went ʋiral and receiʋed 41.5 мillion ʋiews.

Photos of a baby Ƅoy winking.

The baby мade adult-like facial expressions.

His facial expressions do not look like those of a baby as he is aƄle to properly use his eyelids to coммunicate. At the мoмent, the stunning video posted Ƅy Fawn Hendricks has an excess of 5 мillion likes.

BaƄy graƄs doctor’s hand after deliʋery In a related story, reported that a baby graƄƄed the hand of a doctor after deliʋery.


The doctor struggled to take away his hand froм the baby’s grip Ƅut it refused to let go.

The TikTok video мade мany people laugh as soмe said the child wanted to know if it was born in a good country.

Stephanie and Michael Jaegers’ family grew unexpectedly from 5 to 6 members after a hospital visit for abdominal pains. Stephanie went to the hospital on Tuesday night for what she assumed was a kidney stone attempting to pass. KHOU reports that instead of investigating the kidney stone, the doctors told her she needed an ultrasound to check on her 38-week-old baby.

The couple was absolutely stunned at the unexpected pregnancy. Of course, many people wonder how could the couple not know that she was pregnant? “Please trust that this is a question me and Steph have asked each other multiple times whenever we’ve heard similar stories like this,” Michael wrote on his Facebook page. He went on to explain that Stephanie had been diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance, the baby was breech and didn’t move throughout the pregnancy and she continued to have a menstruation cycle, which is rare but possible. The signs of pregnancy just weren’t there.

At nearly 4:00 AM, Stephanie gave birth to Shaun Jude Jaegers who was very healthy despite not having pre-natal care. Their other children are adjusting to the new surprise sibling, and the family is busy gathering supplies that they had no idea they would need. They started a GoFundMe page to offset some of the costs of adding a new family member unexpectedly.

Tony is a man who is always on the move, seeking out new landscapes and vistas to capture with his camera. Recently, he embarked on a journey to the American West, where he lived on the road for almost 6 months, capturing the stunning beauty of the region through his lens and sharing his knowledge and passion for photography along the way.

During his trip, Tony traveled to some of the most iconic and breathtaking locations in the American West, including the Bisti Badlands, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Horseshoe Bend, and the Grand Tetons. His images from these locations are nothing short of stunning, capturing the unique character and beauty of each place.

But Tony’s journey was not just about capturing beautiful images. He also spent time teaching photography to others along the way, offering classes and workshops to help aspiring photographers improve their skills and capture the beauty of the natural world around them.

Tony’s workshops cover a range of topics, from landscape photography and composition to post-processing and printing. He also offers one-on-one mentoring sessions to help photographers with specific challenges or goals.

By living on the road and sharing his passion for photography with others, Tony has become a true ambassador for the art form. He has inspired countless people to pick up a camera and capture the beauty of the world around them, and his work has been widely recognized and exhibited in galleries and publications throughout the country.

Tony’s journey through the American West was a true adventure, filled with beauty, inspiration, and the joy of sharing his passion with others. We can’t wait to see where his travels take him next, and what stunning images he will capture along the way.

See daily updates from Tony on his Instagram, and find some of these beautiful photos available as prints on his website, Tony Maples Photography

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15 scary types of pregnant women that give viewers goosebumps

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