Top 12 Scariest Airports in the World for 2019

At these Dangerous airports, steep cliffs, fierce crosswinds, and other factors combine to test the nerve of even the most frequent of flyers.

10 Saint Barthelemy’s Gustaf III Airport

This airport is located on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy.It as a dangerous airport for the pilots and passengers since it was built with a small runway, keeping planes close to the danger of plummeting into the sea.

Barra Airport

Barra Airport is a short-runway airport situated of the island of Barra in Scotland.

Sources say that it is extreme and dangerous because it uses the beach as the main runway for most of the flights.

8 Courchevel Airport, France

Courchevel Altiport is an altiport serving Courchevel, a ski resort in the French Alps.

The airfield has a very short runway of only 537 metres with a gradient of 18.6%.

7. Lukla Airport, Nepal

Lukla Airport, is a small airport in the town of Lukla, Solukhumbu District.

Nepali pilots are the most brave pilot because they had lots of courage to land their plane in such a dangerous place.

6 Madeira Airport, Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport, is an international airport in the civil parish of Santa Cruz, in the Portuguese archipelago.

The airport is known as one of the ‘world’s most dangerous airports.

5 Toncontin International Airport

Toncontín International Airport is a civil and military airport located 6 km from the centre of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This is one airport you don’t want to fly into.

4 Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar Airport is listed as one of the most dangerous in the World. Not because of it’s only 1777m runway, but also because of the 4-lane Winston Churchill Road.

3 Ice Runway, Antarctica

The Ice Runway is the principal runway for the US Antarctic Program during the summer Antarctic field season due to its proximity to McMurdo Station

2 Juancho E Yrausquin Airport

This is an airport on the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba.

The airport is very dangerous because the runway is only 400m in length and reputed to be the shortest commercial air strip in the world!.

1 Princess Juliana Airport, Saint Martin

This is is the main airport on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, located on the Dutch side of the island in the country of Sint Maarten.

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